Terms and Conditions

1. The General conditions of access to the site about.gifts

These terms and conditions of access to the site are legally binding the user agreement (the "agreement") between Kadver LLC and the user registered on the site about.gifts (hereinafter the "site").

The site is distributed on the World Wide Web and includes information, material and data provided by Kadver LLC and third parties.

User is an individual, representing yourself, or institution (legal entity or individual entrepreneur), registered on the site, which is one of the parties to this agreement. User access to the site (i.e., user input your login and password in the authorization system site and authorized user to log on to the Site) means that the user accepts and agrees to abide by all of the following terms and conditions of this agreement.

User registration on the site is produced by Kadver LLC Registration fees shall be made according to the tariffs of Kadver LLC, in force at the time of payment.

Depending on the type of registration, registered user gets different formats of participation in the project AboutGifts.

The permissions granted to user discussion benefits (i.e., able to discuss with all users to comment on all the material on the site, ask questions open heroes interview etc.) are provided to the user specify your email address, upload their photos, as well as in compliance with the terms of this agreement.

Users guarantee that under their name and with their photographs. In the case where the user acts on behalf of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur, he also warrants that it has all the necessary powers for his action.

This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions of access to the site, including:

conditions of use of materials placed on a site;

This agreement in whole or in part can be changed Kadver LLC at any time without any special notification. The new version of the agreement enters into force and becomes binding on all Users since the publication of the new edition of the agreement on the site.

2. Conditions of use of materials placed on a site

All information contained on this website (including texts, images, video, audio, artwork, site design, and the selection, arrangement and systematization), is protected by intellectual property and protected in accordance with the law on the protection of intellectual property.

Kadver LLC is the holder of the exclusive rights to such information (except as specifically noted in the content published on the website) and represents the interests of the authors of the materials placed on a site.

Allowed quoting textual material (literary works), published on the site, subject to the following conditions:

  • citation volume may not exceed 10% of the total volume of the text;
  • When quoting the author name hint text necessarily, names "AboutGifts" and hyperlink about.gifts.

Any other use of the articles, photographs, illustrations, and all other materials on the Site without the written permission of Kadver LLC, including copying (including the media), reproduction (including on Internet sites for any purpose, including reviews), processing, distribution, broadcasting, communication to the public by cable, making available to the public via the Internet or otherwise, is strictly prohibited and is punishable under the legislation on the protection of intellectual property.

3. The user undertakes use the site only for purposes not contrary to applicable legislation, as well as the principles of morality, rationality and morality. Any material contained on this website may be removed if their contents editorial policy site.

4. The user undertakes do not place on the website and do not send anywhere via/through the site any of the following nature:

  • violate legislation containing threats and insults, defamatory of other persons who violate citizens ' rights to privacy or public order, bearing the character of obscenity, insults, violations of generally accepted rules of good manners;
  • violate in varying degrees of honour and dignity, business reputation, rights and legitimate interests of other persons;
  • promote or contain appeals to inflame religious, racial or ethnic hatred that contain attempts to hatred or incitement to violence;
  • contain incorrect information, or signs of law violations. "defamation";
  • protected by intellectual property laws (including, copyright law, trademark law, etc.), and other legislation protected materials without obtaining permission of the owner of rights appropriate to the material. The burden of proving that placing on the website by the user materials will not infringe copyright, related rights and other third parties for the content lies with the user.
  • other materials that encourage others to wrongful conduct constituting criminal, civil or other liability or otherwise violates the provisions of current legislation.

5. Any user action, which, in the opinion of the Kadver LLC, restrict or impede the implementation of the rights of another user who has access to the site shall not be permitted.

6. User content posted on the Site without editing, Kadver LLC User agrees that it is solely complete responsibility in respect of the material on the site, including: for the content of such materials or their compliance with the requirements of the law, for the infringement of the rights of third persons in the User materials placed for observing the provisions of this user agreement. Kadver LLC is not responsible for material posted by the user on the site. The user undertakes to indemnify any damage or loss resulting from violations of this user agreement, the user of the current legislation.

7. The user undertakes not to infringe The rules of the Kadver LLC.

8. When placing any material in sections of the site for public use, the user thereby automatically provides Kadver LLC (or confirms that the owner of such materials provided Kadver LLC) a free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive right (non-exclusive license) on the territory of all countries in the world for the duration of copyright protection, provided by law, with respect to such materials, to use materials in the following ways:

  • reproduction of these materials, i.e. production of one or more instance of materials or parts thereof, in any material form, including in the form of sound or Visual recording, production in three dimensions of one or more instance of two-dimensional works in two dimensions and one or more instance of the three-dimensional works;
  • distribution by sale or other disposition of the original or copies;
  • public display of material that is any demonstration of the original or a copy of the work, either directly on the screen with the help of film, slides, television or other technical means, as well as showcasing the individual frames of an audiovisual work without respect for their sequence directly or through technical means in a place open to the public, or in a place where there is a large number of persons not belonging to the usual family circle regardless of the perceived work in the place of its demonstration or elsewhere at the same time, demonstrating the work;
  • import the original or copies of materials for dissemination;
  • rental of the original or an instance of materials;
  • public performance materials, i.e. submission of works in a live performance or using technical means (radio, television and other technical devices), as well as showing an audiovisual work (with or without sound accompaniment) in a place open to the public, or in a place where there is a large number of persons not belonging to the usual family circle, regardless of perceived product in the place of its presentation or display or elsewhere at the time of submission or display of the work;
  • the message in the stream, that is, post materials to the public (including show or performance) on radio or television (including by relay), except for messages by cable;
  • message by cable, there is communication to the public by radio or television via cable, wires, optical fiber or similar means (including by relay);
  • translation or other recycling materials;
  • bringing materials to the public in such a way that any person may access them from a place and at a time of his choosing (making available to the public);
  • the right to inclusion of material in other works in any form, through any media or technology, now known or may be invented in the future.

With no additional formalities, including written confirmation of grant Kadver LLC the user is not required.

9. Kadver LLC does not make a return to the user of any materials placed by the user on the site, including in cases provided for by section 4 of this agreement.

10. You may not provide to any third party the materials purchased from Kadver LLC and paid for on the site about.gifts using SMS or credit card. In the case of the transfer of materials purchased on the website about.giftsthird party or access it using/with user interaction, Kadver LLC reserves the right to terminate user access to the specified material or section of the site.

11. User's responsibility

Against Users that do not comply with the terms of this agreement, Kadver LLC reserves the unconditional right to suspend access to the "AboutGifts" and/or access to the site, and/or disable one or more discussion of the advantages and/or permission to create their own content for a specified term or in full, also Kadver LLC has the right to remove any material posted on the site. The choice of measures is the exclusive prerogative of Kadver LLC Preliminary warnings for violation of the Agreement are not Users. This article does not, and cannot be interpreted as imposing on the Kadver LLC "duty of the regular moderator (control of content) of the materials placed on a site.

The user undertakes to indemnify Kadver LLC, including legal fees, arising from user's failure to comply with provisions of the materials of this agreement or violation of the rights of third parties, regardless of whether the user is registered or not. The user is personally responsible for the actions from using the Web site, including, without limitation, the cost of Internet access during such use.

Site rules

In discussions on the site AboutGifts participants under their name and with their photographs.

Insults and other violations of generally accepted rules of good manners is categorically unacceptable.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to disable the ability to use the website and to suspend your subscription to participants not in compliance with rule AboutGifts.

Disabling comment occurs:

  • in case if the participant expresses his opinion not so much how many attempts in any manner to prevent others to express their views freely.
  • in the event that a participant is trying to divert the discussion from the topics it deals with, and which is discussed in the rest of the actors, or offends other panellists.
  • in case a participant expressed extremist views, offensive to persons of other nationalities, religious preference, or any other sexual orientation.
  • If comments contain information contrary to editorial policy AboutGifts