Privacy policy

This privacy policy (hereinafter the policy) applies to all the information that Kadver LLC and/or its affiliates, including all persons belonging to the same group with Kadver LLC can obtain about you while you use any of the sites, services, services, programs and products of Kadver LLC (hereinafter services). User consent to providing personal information given to them in accordance with this policy in relations with one of the members of the Group of persons Kadver LLC, applies to all persons belonging to this group of persons.

The use of the services signifies unconditional consent with this policy and its conditions of processing of his personal data; If you do not agree to these terms, the user should refrain from using the services.

Personal information of users, which receives and handles the Kadver LLC

Within the framework of this policy, personal information is defined as:

Personal information that users provide about themselves during registration (create an account) or in the course of using the services, including personal data of the user. Mandatory for the provision of the services (provision of services), the information is marked in a special way. Other information is provided by the user at its discretion.

Information that is automatically transmitted in the course of their use Services using the installed software on the user's device, including your IP address, cookie information, information about the user's browser (or any other program to access Services), access time, and the page you request.

Other information about the user, in case its collection and/or provision defined in regulatory documents of individual services.

This privacy policy applies only to services of Kadver LLC. Kadver LLC does not control and is not responsible for third party sites to which a user can click on the links available on the websites of Kadver LLC. On such sites, a user may be collected or requested other personal information, and may also occur.

Kadver LLC in General, does not verify the validity of personal information provided by users, and does not control the user capacity. However, Kadver LLC comes from the fact that the user provides valid and sufficient personal information on issues proposed in the registration form and the user's personal cabinet, and maintains this information up to date. Risk of unreliable information is granted its user.

The purpose of the collection and processing of users personal information

Kadver LLC collects and stores only the personal information needed to provide Services and the provision of services (execution of agreements and treaties with the user).

The user's personal information Kadver LLC may use for the following purposes:

Identification of the parties within the framework of agreements and contracts with Kadver LLC;

Granting a user personalized services;

Relationship with the user, including notifications, queries and information relating to use of the services, provision of services, as well as handling inquiries and requests from the user;

Improving the quality of Services, usability, development of new products and services;

Targeting of advertising materials;

Conduct statistical and other research based on impersonal data.

The processing of personal data and its transmission to third parties

Against personal user information is kept confidential, except in the voluntary provision of information about yourself to share an unlimited number of persons. When you use certain services (for example, a blog post), the user agrees that some of his personal information becomes public.

Kadver LLC has the right to transfer the user's personal information to third parties in the following cases:

User has expressed his consent to such actions;

The transfer is necessary in the use of a specific Service or to provide services to the user;

Transfer is provided for local or other applicable legislation in the framework of the procedure prescribed by law;

This transfer occurs as part of the sale or other transfer of the business (in whole or in part), with the purchaser assumes all obligations to comply with the terms of this Policy with respect to personal information received by him;

In order to ensure the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of Kadver LLC or a third party in cases where the user violates the terms of use of site (

With regard to the processing of personal data of users of Kadver LLC is guided by applicable law.

Change user personal information

The user can at any time change (update, Supplement), or delete the personal information or part of it, as well as its privacy settings, personal data editing function in section «My AboutGifts».

Measures to protect the personal information of users:

Kadver LLC takes necessary and adequate organisational and technical measures to protect personal data against unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other misconduct of third parties with her.

Change of privacy policy. Applicable legislation

Kadver LLC has the right to make changes to this privacy policy. When you make changes in the actual wording indicates the date of the last update. The new revision Policy comes into force from the moment of its publication on the site unless otherwise provided by the new version of the policy. The current version is always on the page at the address

The present policy and the relationship between user and Kadver LLC, arising from the application of this privacy policy is subject to the application of the law of the location of Kadver LLC.

Feedback. Questions and suggestions

Any suggestions or questions regarding this policy should be reported to the Customer support.


Cookie usage policy
Date of entry into force: 01.01.2016

Cookies and how we use them

This policy explains how AboutGifts uses on its Web sites, cookies and other similar technologies, such as files and local shared objects (Flash cookies), Web beacons, etc. To designate them, we use common name cookie. If you visit our Web sites using a Web browser that accepts cookies, then we consider it as an expression of consent that we may use cookies.

What are cookies and what are they for?

Cookies are small files that a Web site frequented by writes to your computer. They are stored in the catalog files in the Web browser. The next time you visit the site your browser believes the contents of cookies and pass the data to a Web site or item that they recorded. For more information about these technologies, and their actions can be found on the website

Why AboutGifts uses cookies?

We use cookies in AboutGifts domains, to make our Web sites more useful to visitors. You have the possibility to manage cookies are discussed in the next section.

Basic functions

These cookies help to support the work of Web sites and ensure uninterrupted access.

So you can navigate through the site without delay, we collect data on the selected language and country, the results of the logon authentication to protected areas of the domain, and other similar information. Redirecting to site operators for possible purchase in these cookies also registered products that you are interested in.

Improvement site

These cookies help us improve our Web sites with information about their use.

A thorough analysis of this information allows us to, for example, determine the popularity of a given article by counting the number of read her unique users or determine if running video file searched through. Knowing the type of device from which you get access to the content, we can optimize the layout of your Web site and increase the convenience of viewing it. We take into account the number of clicks on the like plugins and Tweet, as well as the content of our Web sites that you share with friends (give reference).


These cookies help to maximize personalized content, such as by displaying targeted banners and relevant tips.

To assess the effectiveness of our marketing and advertising campaigns, we review evidence that funnel users to our site (e.g., from a mailing list or via a link from another site).


We use these cookies to dynamic display ads on the Web sites of AboutGifts AboutGifts and some third-party Web sites.

Our domains can also contain elements that write cookies on behalf of third parties, such as the like button on Facebook or Twitter Tweet button.

How to manage cookies?

Check out the cookie management settings that are available in your Web browser. The browser allows you to control the cookies that are associated with basic features, improved site, personalization and advertising. In different browsers use different ways to disable cookies, but usually the appropriate settings are in the Tools menu or settings . Detailed information can be found in the help browser. In addition to manage cookies, browsers typically provides the means to control other similar files, such as local shared objects. One such tool is the privacy mode.

To disable cookies, you may lose access to some parts of the Web site AboutGifts. If you delete cookies from your browser do not forget to install special cookies that will block the further installation of cookies.

How long we store information?

It depends on the type of cookie. Session cookies are no longer effective after the browser is closed. For persistent cookies, including local shared objects (Flash cookies), validity can be from two months to a few years.

What else do I need to know?

In addition to collecting information on Web domains, AboutGifts collects other types of data according to the privacy policy AboutGifts. 

AboutGifts reserves the right to make changes to this policy. In the case of significant adverse changes in policy AboutGifts will publish a notification in the beginning of this document and on the main page of this site. We recommend you view the policies from time to time to become familiar with such changes.

If you have any questions, Please contact support