26 cool pop art postcards

Super simple greeting cards Learn wonderful ways to make postcards with your own hands: pop art postcards, fingerprint cards, yarn postcards, buttons, Japanese paper and many more! Holidays are approaching, and one of the best ways to express feelings is to make a cool postcard. Turn on your imagination to create stunning postcards from the bottom of your heart! Greeting cards are a great addition to the gift. In addition, you can make a whole collection for the whole family and write cute wishes for everyone! Ideas that we offer you, you can quickly implement, and everything you need is not expensive or already have at home. You will need colored paper, glue, buttons, ribbons, peanuts, cinnamon sticks, yarn, beads and sequins. And you will have a great time creating these masterpieces with your friends! We will show how to make pop art postcards for any occasion. This technique is easy to understand, and it looks great. Look at our cool pop art postcards with hearts for your loved ones. In addition, it's a great idea for Valentine's Day! In addition, you can make a pop art postcard with a message or a photo inside. Your friends will be happy to receive homemade postcards. Cut the cupcake mold to decorate the postcards. Make a card with muffin! Add candles and enjoy the process! Do you like elephants? Take the ball to glue it to the paper, add huge eyes and ears. That's perfect! We have a whole collection of ideas for Christmas cards: pop art postcards with a Christmas tree, postcards with a snow globe, a snowman of buttons and much more! Draw a triangle, take the paper and make holes with a needle along the sides of the triangle. Pass the green threads and add different beads. That's perfect!
00:09 Romantic pop art postcards
05:22 Cool birthday card
10:14 Elephant of a ball
12:28 New Year's Christmas tree origami
13:22 Postcard with a snow globe

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